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Sweetwater: The Jeanie Patterson Years

Jeanie Patterson in Sweetwater

Since 1972 Sweetwater has been a part of Marin, its culture, and its community. For over 50 years, the venue has been a mecca for live music fans. While it has passed through the hands of various owners over the years (and a couple different locations), Sweetwater has always been a music hub for musicians and artists. 

Explore material from the History Room's Jeanie Patterson Sweetwater Collection to learn about the history of the iconic music venue and the owner who put it on the musical map through this virtual exhibit. 

Village Music: The Best Little Record Store in the World

John Goddard in Village Music

Mill Valley music legend John Goddard owned and operated the beloved local record shop Village Music for nearly 40 years. In that time, he developed lasting friendships, a renowned concert series, a mighty personal record collection, and a deep sense of community that continues to resonate with Mill Valley’s music lovers.

Visit our online exhibition to learn why musician B.B. King referred to Goddard as "the owner of the best record store in the world." 

What a Difference a Year Makes: Mill Valley During the 1918 Influenza Pandemic


Across the globe, 1918 was a turbulent and difficult year. No aspect of life remained untouched by a devastating war and an unexpected, deadly virus but life did march on. This virtual exhibit explores how Mill Valley residents persevered through the travails of 1918.

Visit the online exhibition and learn more about Raymond Coyne's striking (and popular) photograph by listening to the History Mill.

Talkin' 'bout Mill Valley: Rita Abrams's "Mill Valley" Song Turns 50Rita Abrams 45 record. Opens in new window

On December 25, 1969, Rita Abrams sat at the Mill Valley bus depot and penned an ode to the town she'd come to call home the year before. In June 1970, a record featuring the undeniably catchy "Mill Valley" was released and became an international hit.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Rita's Abrams's tune, the Lucretia Little History Room curated an online exhibition that examines the song's history and its lasting cultural impact.

Visit our online exhibition!