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Get past the paywall with a 24-hour pass to the New York Times' website. First, create a New York Times account if you haven't already, then redeem a code for unrestricted browsing. Out of time? Redeem a new code!

The California State Library funds access to the New York Times website. Help them them assess usage by taking this survey. 

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Breeze past the Wall Street Journal's paywall and enjoy 72 hours of unrestricted browsing. Get started here, create a Wall Street Journal account, and get the scoop.

Article Databases

NewsBank logo Opens in new windowNewsbank

Read the Marin Independent Journal and San Francisco Chronicle just as they look in print with NewsBank, which also features papers and news outlets from around the country, either laid out as they are in print or in text-only archives.

ProQuest logo Opens in new windowProQuest Newsstand

Featuring newspapers from around the globe, ProQuest offers a massive trove of articles from major and local newspapers.