Resale (RBR's)


Real Estate Agent or Property Owner?

Real Estate Agents have the ability to apply for Residential Building Reports, more commonly known as resale reports, online. If you are a property owner and will not be using a real estate agent please email for information on how to apply. 

Do you have an ETrakIt Account?

Realtors, in order to apply for a Residential Building Report (RBR), you will first need to send the following information to the Building Department at If you create your own account as a Public Users you will not have the ability to apply online.

1. Your Name
2. Your Real Estate Company's Name
3. Your Realtor's License Number
4. Mailing Address (office address please, this will be viewable to the public on our website)
5. Phone Number
6. Email Address

*It will take roughly 2-4 business days for us to create your account.

How to Apply

Once you have received your user name and password from the Building Department please apply online below. 

*Please note, only the licensed agent or their assistant may apply using the ETrakIt login credentials provided. Your user name and password should not be shared with other agents, property owners, or other members of the public.

1. Carefully follow the instructions in our Tutorial.

2. To Apply Online please click here to continue.

3. Once your application has been received by the Building Department we will contact you, within 3-5 business days.

4. We will do our best to email you the report along with the Building Permit History file with two weeks of your application being approved.


How to Apply Online Tutorial