Mill Valley City Limits

City Limits

The map shows the borders of the City of Mill Valley City Limits. Many people are surprised to find out that some "Mill Valley" postal addresses - including those in the Strawberry, Tam Valley, Homestead, Almonte, and Alto neighborhoods - are actually outside Mill Valley City limits, in unincorporated portions of Marin County.

This information is important to know when seeking assistance or requesting services. If the address in question isn't within Mill Valley City limits, please contact Marin County Government.

Not sure? Please use this Marin County mapping tool to type in the street address in question, and look to see if it falls inside the line that demarks City Limits.

Also - we have provided a list of streets in Mill Valley City Limits.

  1. A-B-C
  2. D-E-F
  3. G-H-I
  4. J-K-L
  5. M-N-O
  6. P-Q-R
  7. S-T-U
  8. V-W
  • Albert Lane
  • Alcatraz Place (Lower)
  • Alcatraz Place (Upper)
  • Alta Vista Avenue
  • Altamont Avenue
  • Alvarado Avenue
  • Amicita Avenue
  • Ashford Avenue
  • Ashford Court
  • Aster Court
  • Avon Avenue
  • Azalea Drive
  • Barrie Way
  • Bay Tree Lane
  • Bayview Avenue
  • Benson Circle
  • Bernard Street
  • Beverly Terrace
  • Bigelow Avenue
  • Birch Street
  • Blithedale Terrace
  • Blithedale, East, Avenue (Some Addresses Are Outside City Limits)
  • Blithedale, West, Avenue
  • Bolsa Avenue
  • Bradford Way
  • Brooke Circle
  • Buena Vista Avenue
  • Byron Circle
  • Camino Alto Court
  • Camino Alto
  • Carmelita Avenue
  • Cascade Drive
  • Cascade Way
  • Catalpa Avenue
  • Charles Dean Lane
  • Chaucer Court
  • Circle Avenue
  • Coach Road
  • Coleridge
  • Compton Circle
  • Cornelia Avenue
  • Cornwall Street
  • Coronet Avenue
  • Corte Madera Avenue
  • Cottage Avenue
  • Country Club Drive
  • Creek Lane
  • Crown Court
  • Cushing Drive
  • Cypress Avenue