Hamilton Drive Force Main Replacement Project

The project will replace a critical section of pipe that carries pumped sewage to the top if a hill before being gravity fed to the treatment plant. The majority of the work is located along Hamilton Drive from Shelter Bay Avenue to Redwood Highway Frontage Road. Some segments of repair are required on the Hwy 101 frontage road. Work along Hamilton Drive will include open trenching and will require traffic control. No road closures should be necessary and construction impacts on traffic and residents should be minimal. Bid documents are available on the RFP and Bids page.

2023 Pavement Rehabilitation Project 

The project is located on Buena Vista Avenue, Longfellow Road, and Monte Vista Avenue in the City of Mill Valley. The work generally consists of mobilization; setup and maintenance of a traffic control system; developing and implementing a water pollution control program; cold planing, removing and disposing of asphalt, concrete, base and/or native materials; placement of hot mix asphalt (HMA) and rubberized hot mix asphalt (RHMA); miscellaneous concrete construction; lowering and adjusting utility frames and covers; replacement of traffic striping, pavement markings and raised pavement markers; and cleanup of the project area.

2023 Pavement Rehabilitation (PDF)

2023 Patch Paving Project 

The 2023 Patch Paving Project will repair spot areas of asphalt pavement along various streets in the City in advance of the 2023 Slurry Seal project.

Patch Paving Project Locations (PDF)

patch_paving_exel (JPG)

This project is starting the week of May 8th, 2023, and will be a moving operation, accomplishing 2 or 3 road segments per day of the 48 total locations. The total project should be complete as early as June 9th, 2023

2023 Slurry Seal

The proposed scope of work includes a slurry seal of various streets in the City of Mill Valley. This work includes, but is not limited to, implementation of storm water pollution and prevention; traffic control; applying asphalt slurry seal; applying striping, markers, crosswalks and legends; and all other work related to slurry sealing the existing roadways and restoring the street striping, and installing new striping.

2023 Slurry Seal Streets and Limits (PDF)