The Mill Valley Police Department's mission is to provide a safe and secure community for our residents and visitors; protect life and property; enforce the law in a transparent and equitable manner; and develop strong partnerships through community outreach, education, and collaboration.

Mill Valley Police Star
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  1. MUP Safety Day

    Last Tuesday, September 12, 2023, the Mill Valley Police Department, Marin County Sheriff’s Department, California Highway Patrol, and Marin County Parks collaborated to host a bicycle/E-bike safety event at the Mill Valley/Sausalito Multi-Use-Path. Read on...
  1. Mill Valley's Growing Senior Population and the Rise of Elderly Scams

    Learn from Mill Valley's recent Elder Fraud Community Summit: insights, resources, and strategies to combat senior scams. View video from the event. Read on...
  1. Mill Valley Police Department Educates Residents on Active Threat Preparedness

    Missed the Mill Valley Police Department's active threat training at the library on September 11, 2023? Here is a recap and key insights every community member should know. Read on...