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Fermentation Nation: Cooking with Koji

Tuesday, September 26th | 7:00pm - 8:30pm

What do some of the most characteristic Japanese products like miso, soy sauce, and sake have in common? They are all produced with a special mold called koji that has been an ingredient central to Japanese cuisine for centuries and is now finally being appreciated by chefs and epicureans in the West. In this class, Mariko Grady will explain what koji is, the history of its use in Japanese cuisine, and how participants can use it to create delicious Japanese or fusion meals of their own.

The class will include a tasting of three different kinds of koji — including shio, amazake, and sagohachi — as well as four different kinds of miso. Mariko will then lead the class in making small batches of miso with soy beans, rice koji, and salt that participants can take home with them and, after six months of fermentation, use to create a delicious and healthy meal. Mariko is the founder of the San Francisco-based company Aedan Fermented Foods, which offers various koji and miso products for Japanese and Japanese-inspired cooking.

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*cover photo: Pumpkin Miso Broth with Soba from My New Roots