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Finding Common Ground

At the moment, it may feel as though what divides us is far greater than what unites us. If you would like to help turn the tide, be a part of Finding Common Ground, a groundbreaking new library program designed to help people discover their shared humanity.

You would be paired up with someone who, on paper, seems very different from you, and take part in moderated conversations designed to foster understanding and empathy. The Finding Common Ground conversations will be recorded in our new recording studio. Compelling excerpts will be shared via social media (think Humans of New York) to bridge divides and unite people on a larger scale.

Finding Common Ground has been designed with the help of social psychologist and UC Irvine professor, Paul Piff.  Piff recently spoke about his internationally recognized research on the psychology of wealth, poverty, and compassion at a Library After-Hours event. 

Register here by filling out our intake survey
  The survey answers will be used to help match you with your conversation partner and will be kept completely private. Conversations are set to take place beginning in September, 2017.

Questions? Contact Anji Brenner, City Librarian  or 415-389-4292 x4742.