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MARINet Passport Program

Travel the Library Landscape: Twenty-five years of MARINet

You've got your routines. Your go-tos. Your regular haunts. It's time to branch out. Did you know there are twenty-two different public and academic library locations you can visit within Marin County? They're all part of the MARINet consortium, which just turned twenty-five.

Pick up a special commemorative passport at any MARINet library, get it stamped as you visit new library locations, and your next vacation could be on us. Get more adventurous - try MARINet services, explore library archives, visit Friends bookstores - and you have an even better chance of winning fabulous prizes: $250 Southwest Airlines gift cards, $100 Amtrak gift certificates and $50 Clipper Cards. 

From November 1st through April 1st, travel the library landscape of Marin County. Though all part of the same MARINet system, each library is unique, with its own character, local flavor and community. To circulate amongst all of them is to be energized by the abundance of a much richer system of materials, collections, community, and programs.

For more information, call (415) 389-4292 x3.