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Introduction to Home Recording

Saturdays, March 7th & 14th | 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Do you play an instrument? Sing? Rap? Podcast? Perform in a Band?

Today home recording is easier and cheaper than ever, and computers offer you an unlimited canvas on which to compose sound art. Join librarian Franklin Walther for an intensive jump-start to your career as a bedroom producer.

Concepts and Recording | Saturday, March 7th
Follow the journey of sound to electrical impulse to digital file and back. We’ll cover different mic types, cabling, interfaces & mixers, and how to record vocals and several different instruments.

Registration recommended. Register here.

More Recording and Mixing | Saturday, March 14th
We’ll continue recording more instruments and discuss multi-mic techniques. Then, it’s on to processing (including equalization, dynamics, and delays/reverb), mixing, mastering, and encoding your recordings.

Registration recommended. Register here.