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After Hours: Super Tuesday with Mark DiCamillo

Friday, February 28th | 7:00pm

About 40% of the delegates to the Democratic National Convention will be chosen by Super Tuesday, March 3rd. Who will likely win in California? What about the other large states voting on Super Tuesday, such as Texas, Colorado, Virginia, North Carolina, and Massachusetts?

Hear the latest from veteran independent pollster and local resident Mark DiCamillo, a long time recognized authority on polling in California. DiCamillo last spoke here days before the 2016 Presidential election.

DiCamillo is Director of the IGS Poll at UC Berkeley. He began his polling career in 1978 when he joined Field Research Corporation and worked under legendary pollster Mervin Field, eventually succeeding him to become Director of the Field Poll from 1993-2016. He is also founder of Cal Research Assoc., an opinion research and polling consultancy. DiCamillo is a Harvard graduate with an MBA from Cornell’s Johnson School of Business.

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