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Writing about Music: From Notes to Sentences, How to Speak what You Hear

Saturdays, January 18th & January 25th | 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Learn to express in words how music moves you from renowned Bay Area arts critic and documentary filmmaker Kevin Smokler.

We all have favorite songs, favorite albums, artists who change our lives. Can we say how? Why? Could we write what we hear? Can we articulate the feeling music gives us?

Over two sessions, we will listen to great music, talk about great music then write personal essays and criticism about why great music changes us. No prior music criticism experience is necessary. This class isn't about taste but literally finding your voice. How do you write in words what you hear through your ears and in your heart?

Kevin Smokler is the author of three books about pop culture and a regular contributor to Salon. In 2019, he directed the feature-length documentary film "Vinyl Nation" about the record renaissance of the early 21st century. He lives in San Francisco with his wife and way too many books and vinyl records.

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