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Mycological Society: Mycoremediation with Bay Area Applied Mycology

Wednesday, December 18th | 7:00pm

What can't fungi fix? In 2017, mushrooms were used to clean up toxic runoff from the ash from Sonoma County fires. Join Sean Parnell, Jill Easterday, and Mino de Angelis of Bay Area Applied Mycology to learn about the cleansing properties of fungi. They will give an overview of what mycoremediation is and discuss the amazing results mycoremediation has had on all types of contaminants such as oil, heavy metals, endocrine disrupting chemicals, dye effluent, cigarette butts, radiation and bacteria.

Bay Area Applied Mycology (BAAM) is a collective of environmentally-minded mushroom enthusiasts who are seeking to enrich the environment and community through the cultivation and application of fungi, plants and bacteria to problems facing the environment and humanity. BAAM also seeks to educate and empower people and communities by putting simple cultivation strategies and access to lab space within reach of the average home gardener, urban farmer or mushroom fan.

Doors open for the Marin Mycological Society's meeting at 6:30pm, followed by the mushroom talk at 7:00pm.

Registration recommended. Click here to register.

Presented by the Mycological Society of Marin County.