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Marin Comics Fest

The Marin Comics Fest features free creator talks throughout September. See a complete schedule of events at

Andy Warner
Saturday, September 21st | 2:00pm

Don't miss Andy Warner, author of This Land is My Land, which looks at efforts to form an ideal society, from the pirate-founded Liberatia to the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands. 

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Judd Winick: Meet the creator of Hilo!
Monday, September 23rd | 5:00pm

Judd Winick, bestselling graphic novelist and artist, will talk about cartooning, cats, and how he has the best job in the world.

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Mariko Tamaki: Meet the author of Laura Dean and Harley Quinn!
Monday, September 23rd | 7:00pm

This is not an official Marin Comics Fest event, but it is a celebration of the best in Bay Area Comics. Mariko Tamaki, author of award-winning and popular graphic novels (including Marvel and DC titles) will visit the teen book club.

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