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Plan Well, Live Well, Die Well

Saturday, May 18th | 2:00pm – 3:30pm

This simple yet powerful workshop, led by local firm Dyalogues, is designed to help reduce the fear and uncertainty often associated with navigating end-of-life and help people connect with what matters most. It aims to help individuals and families talk more openly about planning, living and dying well. Using an interdisciplinary approach that draws from medicine, psychology, and business, Dyalogues creates entertaining and interactive programs to provide a springboard for important life-changing conversations.

Dr. Dawn Gross, palliative care physician at UCSF and host of Dying to Talk, an inspirational public radio talk show, together with Dyalogues co-founders Nancy Belza and Paul Puccinelli, LMFT, will conduct this workshop which helps participants articulate their vision for the life they wish for now, and at its end.

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With this program, the Mill Valley Library is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Mill Valley Village to present programs touching on aspects of aging, science, and practical matters, that are designed to inspire, provide information, and cut across generations. Mill Valley Village is part of a growing national movement dedicated to helping older adults maintain active, independent lifestyles.