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GardenSmart: Backyard Farming - Bees, Beer, & Bats

Monday, October 22nd | 7:00pm – 8:30pm

What do Bees, Beer, and Bats have in common? They all fall into the the modern revival of backyard farming. Whether you live on a rural acre, in a suburban tract home or in an apartment, you too can become a practicing backyard farmer!

Most of us still believe that farming requires a field of corn and a tractor. But the truth is that the original meaning of the word "farm" is "Life." So, any craft that involves working with a living system is farming. This includes beekeeping, beer brewing, putting up bat/bird houses and owl boxes, keeping chickens, brewing kombucha, growing yogurt and kefir, baking sourdough bread, growing mushrooms and more!

Join Jim Normandi, proprietor of the local Fairfax Backyard Farmer shop, for an evening of discussion and exploration of the mystery, the history, and magic of a variety of crafts you can practice in your suburban backyard, on your apartment deck, or even simply on your kitchen counter.

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