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Survey/Form Review
Emergency Drill Survey - Resident
May 12, 2012

Mill Valley Fire and Police Departments will be conducting an Emergency Drill in the Sycamore Area of Mill Valley on Saturday, May 12, 2012. A letter was mailed to residents last month explaining that the Drill will focus on a severe weather and possible flooding event. Residents are requested to update their emergency plans and supplies and to fill out a brief online survey.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to answer the following questions on emergency preparedness, as this will help public safety officials to evaluate Mill Valley’s emergency plans.

1. Contact information:
2. Notification of Drill

Did you receive a letter from City of Mill Valley about the Drill?

3. Did you receive telephone notification about the Drill the week before May 12?
4. Did you receive telephone notification the day of the Drill?
5. Do you use Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites?
6. What’s the best way to reach you?
7. General Preparedness Information: (check all that apply)
8. If you have not had a chance to prepare your family for an emergency, what have you found to be your biggest obstacles?


Thank you for answering our survey!

Mill Valley Fire & Police Departments, Emergency Preparedness Commission and CERT Volunteers
Please call 415-389-4130 for further information or questions.

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