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Survey/Form Review
Dangerous Driver/Traffic Complaint

If you have ever witnessed a speeding vehicle or dangerous driver in Mill Valley and wanted to do something about it, now you can! The Mill Valley Police Department and Mill Valley Schools’ Traffic Safety Committee are making this traffic complaint form available to you. Simply complete this form and return it to the Mill Valley Police Department by fax, phone, mail or in person. We will send a courtesy warning letter to the registered owner of the offending vehicle to advise them of the offense as observed by a member of our community. If there is an immediate safety danger, ie: vehicle screeching through the stop sign or racing up the street, that is the time to call 389-4100, ask for the dispatch center and be ready to provide the incident details so an officer can be dispatched to the scene. Additional police patrols will be adjusted to areas where specific needs are identified.

Mill Valley schools are located in residential neighborhoods where the speed limit is 25 mph. Please keep this in mind when driving near schools that these are neighborhoods where children will be walking and riding bikes to and from school. You may also use this form to report other offensive vehicular behavior such as handicap parking violations.

Thank you,
Mill Valley Police
Mill Valley School Traffic Committee

1. Traffic Complaint


2. Time:

3. Vehicle License #:

4. Vehicle information:
5. Location:

6. Direction of travel:

7. Describe what the driver looked like:

8. Describe the dangerous driving observed:

9. Were pedestrians or bicyclists involved?
10. Other comments:

Thank you. Once you click on the "Submit Form" button, the report will go to the Mill Valley Police Department.
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