Eight Books That Made Me Podcast

 In Eight Books That Made Me, Linda Michel-Cassidy interviews speakers and performers from our Mill Valley Public Library After Hours events to discover the eight books that made them who they are. Available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Google Play. In 8 Books Remix episodes, librarian Natalie McCall talks with the most talented and innovative authors in Young Adult Literature about five books they fell in love with during formative periods of their lives and three books they wish both teens and adults would read. Anyone who loves books, whether they’ve read any contemporary Young Adult Literature or not, will love these conversations between passionate book lovers. Episodes are edited by writer Sarah Broderick. 

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Episode 17: Jose Antonio Vargas

January 27, 2020 

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Journalist Jose Antonio Vargas shares the eight books that made him, and you can sense a theme: from James Baldwin's Notes of a Native Son to Carlos Bulosan's America is in the Heart through Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States, Vargas seeks out the underheard voices of overlooked people. Hear his in this wide-ranging interview.

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Episode 9 Remix: Stacey Lee

April 30, 2019 

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In the first of our spinoff segments of the library’s Eight Books That Made Me podcast, authors talk about the five books that influenced them as teens and writers and pitch three must-read books by their peers. #8BooksRemix

Author Stacey Lee chats about the books that influenced her life and career, from the controversial children’s classic readers love (or hate) to the first book she ever read with a character who shared her Chinese-American background.

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