About Us

Mountain Railway mapMission of the Lucretia Little History Room:

The Lucretia Little History Room is dedicated to illuminating the unique and vibrant history of Mill Valley and making this history accessible to people of all ages and interests. We accomplish this by collecting, preserving, and promoting materials of enduring value pertaining to people, places, and events associated with Mill Valley and a few select nearby areas, such as Mount Tamalpais and Muir Woods, that are an essential part of Mill Valley’s historic heritage.

The History Room and the Mill Valley Historical Society:

The History Room and the Mill Valley Historical Society have shared a close relationship since their respective foundings in 1977. Since its opening, the Lucretia Little History Room has operated under the jurisdiction of the Mill Valley Public Library and the City of Mill Valley, and its collection is owned by the Library. The Historical Society is a separate nonprofit organization which is not governed by the City. The Historical Society and the Library collaborate in many areas, including on exhibitions, the Mill Valley Oral History Program, and the First Wednesday lecture series. The Historical Society provides valued funding and membership resources to support the History Room’s projects, while the Library provides research support for the Historical Society’s programs and publications, from its annual History Walk to the Mill Valley Historical Review.

Supporting the Transformation of the History Room:

Starting in 2014, the Mill Valley Historical Society and The Friends of the Mill Valley Library increased their collaboration with the Mill Valley Public Library, providing the Library with a total of $13,200 aimed at transforming the History Room. The City of Mill Valley has allocated the Library with an additional $28,000 for the History Room over two years. With this funding, the History Room has launched a number of infrastructure-building projects. These include a photo project to verify and migrate metadata for the History Room’s historical photography collection to a new database; a pamphlet file project to catalog and preserve the History Room’s collection of topical ephemera, newspaper clippings, and other paper documents; and an oral history project to reorganize and make accessible the History Room’s unique collection of oral histories.