Take the Challenge - Earn a Badge

Earn custom-designed sew-on patches by participating in Borrowed Time events, activities, and habit-changing initiatives. To be clear, we aren’t telling you what to do. But if you want to do something, we’ve got some things for you to do! We also aren’t pretending that our suggested actions will change the world but we do take the phrase Think Globally, Act Locally to heart. So, learn more about global climate change and take local action.

Okay, maybe we are telling you what to do…

Click here to sign up for the badge program. Throughout the year, new patches will be introduced for different actions but here are some beauties in progress:

FEEDING THE FUTURE – Attend the Feeding the Future After Hours event on January 3rd, 2020 and receive the patch. Additionally, we may give more patches away in October in which we examine food practices.

READ IT AND WEEP – Read at least four of the books from the Borrowed Time recommended reading list. Collect your punch card for the year at the Reference Desk.

BY LEAVES WE LIVE –  The patch will be given out on Earth Day at Charity Kahn's concert in the Outdoor amphitheater. 

BEYOND A REASONABLE DROUGHT – choose one or more of our 6 water-saving suggested action. Collect the punch card at the Reference Desk. The patch will be distributed in August when we highlight water resources.

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE – Store an emergency kit or check and replenish your current kit. The patch will be available at our wildfire-themed events in July.

PLANETARY CUSTODIAN – A universal design for those that volunteer at an environmentally-focused non-profit. We’ll offer specific opportunities throughout the year. The first is February 15.

THE LAST STRAW – Commit to reducing your personal plastic consumption. Collect your punch card with different tips at the Reference Desk. The patch will be distributed at our events in March and throughout the year.

GREEN THUMB – Attend one of the Library’s GardenSmart classes. Patches will be given out at the reference desk after class.

TREAD LIGHTLY – Reduce your carbon footprint by performing seven steps from our punch card to earn the patch, which won’t be distributed until December.

GIVE A HOOT – Talk about the issues. Give a hoot. The patch will be given at our Conversation Café events and likely at other events throughout the year.

MEATLESS MONDAYS SEVEN DAYS A WEEK – Eat less meat. The patch will be offered at our food practice events in October.

LIFE'S A BEACH – Clean up trash on Coastal Cleanup Day, September 19th, 2020 .


Patch designs by Danni Greenlee.