Digital Content

Read eBooks, listen to eAudiobooks, and check out your favorite magazines, all from the comfort of your own home or portable device. All you need is your library card and password/PIN.

eAudiobook & eBook collections:

Currently available eBooks from Overdrive

Currently available eAudiobooks from Overdrive

OverDrive provides popular eBooks and eAudiobooks for all ages. Download and read anytime, anywhere on your portable device, with the Libby app.

Download Libby from your app store on an Apple or Android device or in Windows 10 for easy access to our catalog of eBooks and eAudiobooks. Add your library card during setup and browse to your heart's content. Problems setting up? See us at the Reference Desk or call (415) 389-4292 x3 for help, or attend one of our eBooks & More classes for an overview of Libby's features.

Hoopla Digital offers eBooks, eAudiobooks, music and streaming video, through a browser or via app on an Apple or Android device. Mill Valley patrons can check out up to 5 items per month.

Librivox: public domain eAudiobooks ‚óŹ download directly to computer/browser

Project Gutenberg: public domain classic eBooks and eAudiobooks


RB Digital MagazinesRB Digital: download and read your favorite magazines anytime, anywhere (even if you don't have wi-fi) on your portable device!

Streaming Movies: 

Kanopy: A streaming collection featuring Criterion Collection films, Great Courses, award-winning documentaries, independent films, and a robust Kids' section to boot.


Library Podcasts

Listen to Library-produced podcasts, from our flagship Eight Books That Made Me in which presenters at our After Hours series tell us about the books that made them who they are, to recordings of past events and samples of work produced by our writing workshop participants.

Computer/tech books:

Safari Tech: Read technology and programming eBooks in your web browser.

Questions? Call the reference desk at (415) 389-4292 x3.