Book Sale Volunteer

The Friends of the Mill Valley Library can always use more enthusiastic, self-reliant volunteers to prepare for and to staff our monthly book sales. This is a great way to meet others in the community – and to work with books!

Daily tasks include sorting, scanning, culling, pricing, and shelving. We have strong volunteers that work on disposing extra books. And at the sales we need teams of cashiers and restockers.

We all have a lot of fun – and did you know there are snacks, too?

Paulette Lueke


Paulette Lueke is the Friends’ Board Member in charge of all bookstore management. Please contact her at to volunteer.



Joan Dedo teaches new volunteer Janet Reid


Joan Dedo is teaching new volunteer Janet Reid the guidelines for managing her section – short stories and literature.




Fran Freeman


Fran Freeman curates the in-library shelves with a variety of our best quality books.




Bob McCully


Bob McCully is culling military history – making room for new books by removing books that do not sell after several sales.




Rosemarie Griffith


Rosemarie Griffith is pricing and dating books for the nature and environment section.




Christie Barbour


Christie Barbour files books in the spirituality and religion section by category. Other sections are filed alphabetically.




Jeane Gilliam


Jeane Gilliam is part of the children’s books team – it takes 5 people to handle the volume of wonderful donations we receive – and sell!




Victoria Ritchie


Victoria Ritchie is retrieving incoming books from the sorting aisle. She uses her subject expertise in psychology to determine if they should be placed on the bookstore shelf – and at what price.  



These are just a few of our dozens of volunteers. They are united by a love for our library, for our neighbors and for books.

Most volunteers work a few hours a week, some more, others less. The bookstore manager will assess your skills and assign a task, according to the needs of the current operation.

If you are looking to volunteer your time, this just might be the rewarding place for you!