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Friends of the Library

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The Friends of the Mill Valley Library
Mission Statement

We believe that the Mill Valley Library is a cultural keystone in our community. Our mission as Friends of the Library is to:

  • Support involvement with the Library through volunteer efforts, cultural events, and donations
  • Promote the use of the Library as a source of knowledge and life enrichment
  • Encourage dialog between the Library and the community
  • Foster a love of reading and books.

The Friends of the Mill Valley Library is a group of enthusiastic Community members who believe that the Mill Valley Public Library is one of the key elements that makes our town a wonderful place to live.

While the Library's operating budget is primarily funded from the City budget, discretionary money for book and DVD purchases comes largely from donations. That's where The Friends comes in. The group donates money raised through their frequent book sales, membership drives, and other activities (over $2,000,000 so far!).

The Friends of the Library promotes volunteerism on the Library's behalf (and many of them are active volunteers). Every month, the Friends sponsor cultural and informational events for the public.

With their Newsletter and Monthly Events Bulletin, The Friends work to ensure that the Community is aware of all the wonderful things the Library offers. Their informal interactions with the Library staff and the Board of Trustees help ensure that the Library continues to be aware of the needs of the Community.

To keep doing all this, The Friends of the Library needs your energy, ideas, involvement and money. For information please call 415-389-4292 x4732.

The Friends look forward to your joining and/or becoming a Book Sale Volunteer.